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Facts and numbers tell only one side of Debra’s dynamic story. The energy and passion that she has for life is deeply rooted in the fact that she truly thrives on helping others. Anyone who has worked with her can attest that her abilities to coach and help others implement crucial business strategies have powerful and positive lasting swiss franck muller replica effects. But don’t take our word for it.

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Hi Debra, What can one say about you? We know each other about 25 years now and have worked together for years. As far as integrity, honesty, ethics and morals, I put you up there amongst the best. Anyone being lucky enough to have you as a mentor and sponsor should consider themselves very fortunate and in good standing…and with your help and guidance, should build one heck of an organization! Miss you, Richard Kall

Richard Kall
Network Marketing Legend
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Debra has a remarkable combination of integrity, personal growth, and business skills. In 25 years I have met only 4 people who I would want to sponsor me, mentor me, and coach me. Deb is far and away my number one choice. Why? The proof is in the printout. While she has the business acumen to win (no one earns over $10 million by accident), it is her deeper understanding of success that most big earners never discover. What’s that? Personal growth. Finding and developing a person’s gifts and potential is Debra’s unique gift. No one, and I mean no one, does it better."

Mark Januszewski
Creator Go90Grow & Master Key Experience
Kauai, Hawaii

I was blessed to have the privileged of meeting one leader in particular name Debra Gebhardt. Debra has a uniqueness to her that catches the attention of many. She is not only a great leader and coach but her personality and persona speaks volumes about her love for people and her desire to help them achieve their goals both naturally and professionally. Debra has a vast amount of wisdom, knowledge and understanding in this business and shares it unselfishly. Her experience and success truly is the epitome of a well-balance woman who mentors others exceptionally. Her moral character speaks for itself. Indisputably from what I have observed and experienced; Debra is a remarkable leader and a dynamic person who keeps "The Main Thing the Main Thing" and truly that is what life is all about!!!

Dr. Karen Deadwyler
Executive Pastor of Glory Temple Ministries
Published Author
North Massapequa, New York

I have been in Corporate America for over 30 years as an executive helping companies create wealth, however I have not until I met Debra C Gebhardt understood the Entrepreneurial spirit and potential to create wealth being in business as an independent owner for myself. I was attracted to Debra because of her significant background in NWM. She earned over 10 million in one company, had staying power to be successful, created wealth all over the world developing people...and she has a trait many desire....she helps others and cares about people. Debra's background as a medical nurse and her heroic work in the OR with children make her the quality of individual I want to be associated with. Most importantly, my wife Anna & I trust Debra as a core business partner, mentor and friend. We highly recommend her as a business partner to anyone wanting to succeed in NWM.

Tom & Anna Dutta
Corporate Banking
Port Moody, BC, Canada

"When I started my home business, I was working a 9-5 job in financing for a small business on Long Island. I have always been a "working mom" and while I loved my job I was frustrated by the glass ceiling and having to spend so much time away from my family. When a neighbor presented me with an option that would allow me to not only work from home part time, around my family, but also create unlimited income, I had to take a look.

When I was introduced to Debra, I already knew that she had created tremendous success and had helped may others create the same. I was excited to work with her because I knew she not only had the ability to help me create the success I longed for but she was also a willing teacher that would show me how I too could duplicate her success.

From the day I started, Debra shared her knowledge and experience selflessly. Everything she has ever told me about this business has been right on. When she tells me something…I take it to the bank! Her guidance and support has proven to be an invaluable part of my business. I now enjoy working full time in my own business and I could not be happier."

Michele Recupero
Accounting, Mother of 2
Long Island, New York

"I've been a market analyst for the past 32 years where I've focused on commodities, stocks and economic trends. My good friend Debra Gebhardt introduced me to Qivana as I was heading out to the airport one day for a long business trip. She immediately got my attention when she told me she was coming out of retirement to work with the founders of the company to launch the Qivana brand. Not only did I trust Debra's business sense, but I also knew she had been extremely successful in another company that used a similar model. I have been extremely successful in my career over the years but it was at the expense of being away from my family for long periods of time. Being a family man, I immediately knew that Qivana would bring me the time freedom I was looking for without having to sacrifice my full time income. It was the best business decision I've ever made in my life."

AJ Monte CMT
Chief Market Strategist
The Market Guys, Inc.
Orlando, Florida

“I’ve been blessed to be coached by some of the best mentors and trainers, and to surround myself with exceptional people. The inspiration I gain from these people is the heart of what forms my own community, and I feel grateful to be a part of each of their journeys to live their lives more fully.”

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